Feeling depressed? – Let’s not dwell on the problems, let’s focus on the solutions.

When any person comes to a therapy session one of the first questions a therapist will ask is ‘How can I help you?’. And so the client begins the process of talking about the areas of life they are struggling with and how they are looking for help.

Many types of therapy will look to delve into the past, the trauma, the childhood issues, the upbringing and all that has gone wrong along the way. For some situations this may be both necessary and important. Plus it may be what the client wants. However in a great deal of situations this is neither helpful nor productive. In fact, one of the key symptoms  of an illness like depression is where a person gets lost in their own thoughts through a process known as rumination. They will spend many hours thinking about how to fix something but end up in a negative cycle of despair and desperation.

It can therefore be considered both refreshing and helpful to consider a type of therapy that does not focus on the problem and instead to support people to think about how they want things to be, how they want things to change.

Introducing Solution Focused Therapy or Solution Focused Brief Therapy. These types of therapy will also ask about the problem initially. That’s unavoidable. The therapist needs to acknowledge why the person is there. However, they will quickly move on to a more proactive, forward thinking approach which can be extremely helpful to people who suffer from issues like depression, anxiety and a whole range of other issues. It is about getting out of that cycle of despair and moving towards desired outcomes and solutions.

The therapist will support the person to work on improvement rather than resolving the past. But by doing so they are able to resolve those issues too.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is another approach. Here the therapist combines the skills and techniques of Solution Focused therapy with helping the person to be in a deeply relaxed state where they are better able to make desired changes. Here some of the barriers come down, the person feels more calm and in a place where they can bring about change.

There is scepticism about hypnosis and rightly so. Some hypnotists believe they can help people recover past memories (regression). However, evidence shows this to be unreliable and people can end up inventing memories that did not in fact happen. Another reason for scepticism is the idea that hypnosis controls people. Like when you see people doing all sorts of bizarre things on stage.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is nothing like this. It is not about control or about the person being unaware of what it happening in any way. It is scientific, empowering, problem-solving and very effective at dealing with a range of issues. Issues like depression and anxiety but also things like addictions, phobias, OCD, career development, relationship issues, confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness and even managing pain.

If you would like to know more I offer a free session to talk more about how this therapy works and how it could be applied to your issues.

To book a free consultation please contact me on 07810 823529 or send a message. I am then offering sessions at a reduced rate of £30 until 31st October (usual price £50).

I am passionate about promoting good mental health and wellbeing and supporting you to find your old self.

Julie Jones


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